Natasha Ramdass (August 14,2014)

Service and food were on point. We waited like 5 mins for a seat on a Saturday night and the place was packed! As soon as we got seated we were asked what we wanted to eat and ordered food. Not even 10 mins later we got our food and it was amazing! Garlic deep fried shrimp is a must try even the standard fry rice was delicious. The service was equally as great. Highly recommended this place to anyone looking for awesome hakka food


Mohammed Zackria Dawood Basha (Apr 6th,2014)

Amazing, Delicious and Value for Money. Choose 9.99$ combo u get 1 soup, 2 veg rolls, rice and 1 dish. I liked the chicken Manchurian. This is a great place and its halal. Good place for groups.



Excellent food, service and value. Co-workers and I have been going there twice a week for lunch, over the past year with excellent results every time.



Overall very good food and reasonable pricing. Quantities are good, service is fast and the provide a free soup for their lunch deal!! 



Dining in and take out is a pleasure. The chef adds that special twist that makes the food and presentation to be desired. While the whole menu is outstanding, my favorite is the Sesame Crispy Beef....and just love the Mango salad. Once you have dined will definately come back. Sorry to read about someone who got sick, but my family and many friends have been dining there for almost two years on a regular basis and have never come across this. Maybe they had too much to dink that night or both had the flu before dining there. The place has passed every health inspection from the city with flying colors.



From the moment that my friends and I walked into the beautifully decorated restaurant, we were treated with warm smiles and guided to our reserved table. Because it was Ramdhan, we informed the waitress that we won't be eating for another 20 minutes so if she could give us some time to decide, which obviously, she didn't mind. She came back only moments later with a plate full of cubed cantaloupe, grapes and juicy dates for us to munch on and open our fast, complimentary! We were so taken aback and we proceeded to ordering, every single item that the five of us ordered was done to perfection, I've never tasted such tasty chow mein, such amazing Manchurian fish, mango salad, black pepper beef, just everything! Not to mention the extremely economical prices, I got a decent sized bowl of hot and sour soup (filled with chicken and tofu, no skimpy meat!), two vegetable spring rolls, manchian fish with steamed rice all for $8.99 and this was the evening dinner special, the lunch special has even more value! The entire restaurant is very clean, and is filled with amazing decorative pieces, like paintings and statues and lounging areas. Ofcourse, the meat is Halal and they can verify the supplier as well. The beverage selection, dessert selection and the HUGE menu selection left us completely and utterly content by the end of our evening. The portions were huge, but that didn't compromise the quality at all, and on top of that, the Chef himself came out to greet everyone and make sure we were having a nice evening. The waitress even genuinely thanked us and talked with us, she sat down and went over our orders to make sure there was no mix-up since so many of us took away take out as well! Everyone was so caring, nice and genuinely helpful, the food was amazing, the ambiance was like no other Hakkan or Halal restaurant I've been to. An absolutely MUST MUST go if you love real Hakkan food. Keep up with the awesome service and food Royal Jasmine! Mississauga needs you!



I am a HK Chinese, & my husband is a French-Canadian. We both are very fussy about our food. When I travel w/ my husband for work, I normally cook all the time. However, last year (2010) I found the newly opened Royal Jasmine, it really amazy both my husband & me. Everything we tried, it was so good so far. My husband said Royal Jasmine is the only place I never complaint. Well, for the price, quality & quantity, what can I complaint. All in all, everytime when I come to Toronto, I order take out very often. Good Job!



My husband and I came in w/a friend last weekend for the first time. Excellent no oil and tasty food. Like the fact that alcohol is not served. The 3 of us almost laughed, when an oriental gentleman, who came w/his family, asked for alcohol by assuming, instead of checking the beverage menu on the table!! Keep up the good work!!!



Amazing food with very resonable pricing for lunch. So many choices to choose from. We would highly recommend trying this restaurant as you would get addicted to it as we are here at work.



I'm so thankful to my friend Darren for introducing me to Royal Jasmine (RJ). I think my first visit to RJ was when it was still fairly new, and the first thing that stood out besides the lovely ambience in the restaurant, was the friendly staff, who somehow managed to remember my name on subsequent visits. The food is phenomenal; the service is great; and the touch of home amidst the hustle and bustle makes for a nostalgic dining experience.



We had a wonderful experience at Royal Jasmine Restaurant today, we went for dinner to celebrate my children's birthday as well as Family Day dinner. The food was excellent so as the service we would like to thank Deepak and Anne for their excellent and friendly service. Once again Thank you for making our day special.



Food is absolutely amazing ,great ambience and awesome service . so glad to have Halal Hakka so close to work.



This is one of the best place for Hakka food. Me and my family love the taste of their food. I will recomend Hakka Lover to visit this place. Staff is very friendly. Good Customer Service.


Its was my experience that the Royal Jasmine in Mississauga presents without doubt one of the best "Green Curries"(chicken, Prawn and Mango) that I ever had the pleasure to consume. This dish was so good... that I was able to visit their restaurant on three separate occasions.... before I returned to Vancouver ! Exquisite food believe me !



Food 10/10 Service 10/10 Price 10/10 Overall 10/10.


R.David, Missassauga

This is a really great place for hakka style chinese food!!! I've been coming to this restaurant for quite some time now and I usually go with friends or family. Everyone that I've brought has always liked it! Staff is really very friendly.


Sukhbir Singh,Brampton

Good food (always hot), good food quantity, good service (friendly staff), clean atmosphere. I would highly recommend this place, just go & check it out. 


Johnson, Mississauga

Great price,tasty food and the service is very good


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